Visual identity design The right start when launching your project

Perhaps the professionally design of the visual identity is the first and most important step for starting your project, or re-launching it correctly, through which it constitutes a clear message about the mission of the product or service, and the values ​​that it seeks to establish in the mind of the customer or recipient.
Through visual identity, communication will not be with words, but by penetrating emotions in order to persuade the other, it is a great power of communication; It aims to send the right message of what the project is at first sight; Then you throw your products and services with a right arrow in the heart of your customer, and her desires fall out. The poet says:
Move your heart wherever you want from passion, love is only for the first lover
Visual identity foundations
The visual identity is formed through a handful of images, graphic data, and sometimes a few words, which fail with mastery and professionalism, and are sprinkled with two spoons of passion, to express the concept, content and thought of the project, giving it a special texture different from others..
It comes as a general description of the customer, referring him to see the scope, sector, importance, uniqueness and specialized features.
Through these main pillars of logo design, through branding, and ending with the delicate designs accompanying the visual aspect in general, the visual identity crowns and develops the style guide for the project, its activities, and how to visually represent its activities.
The importance of visual identity
The visual identity creates an important emotional impression on the customer, describing the nature of the brand, the various fields of commercial activity, and highlights the entrance to the environment of services and products, showing a comprehensive unification of different aspects of the business, through consistent images.
As the visual identity became a visual language for the brand, the importance of other building blocks became evident in building the image of the product in front of its receiving audience, provided that your marketing mix remains coherent and disciplined for that identity.
The visual identity is characterized by various tools to add a certain flavor to the design. It creates the project’s logo, or Logo, through colors that touch its idea, and a word synonymous with slogans is sometimes known by the term “Slogan” and its meaning in Arabic: the text logo.
This symbolic logo, and other group of visual and sensory elements within the overall picture of the visual identity, extends through all the project outlets prepared for external interaction, communication, and service reception, such as business cards, letterheads, contracts, bonds, seals, envelopes, file folders, mail signature. In addition to the complete accompaniment of all accounts of the project or product on social networks.
Important factors for the success of visual identity
There are many elements to form the visual identity, and they may vary according to the strength of the project. The logo, trademarks, the reversed logo, the correct different uses of the logo, and the trademark signature are general components that determine the visual identity of any project.
However, every major project has other major concerns in the role of visual identity, as the interest in publishing it in stationery tools, such as pens and small notebooks, and papers and publications for employees..
Likewise, through the uniforms of some workers in certain fields, as well as the annual calendar, and personal diaries that are recommended to be gifted to customers at the beginning of the year, to imprint your name in their minds unconsciously.
It is also important to publish the logo on pens, medals, ceramic and glass cups for precious and consumer gifts.
Not to mention the modern continuity that keeps pace with all contemporary successes, such as making it inherent in digital applications and various electronic advertisements.
It is imperative for every founder of a commercial project in this era to pay close attention to the visual aspect, without neglecting any value matter related to design, as the identity of the identity has elements that differ according to the nature of the project.
And it must continue with all the services that suit that special character, as well as it must deal with experts and specialists in the visual aspect, to create the correct visual identity for his project in a manner that will be understood and accepted, without any complications for the recipient.

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