Brand design the essential step in the design process of any project

As it is known, the brand represents the company, and it is the front of companies to the world and people in the disposal of their goods. Each company is characterized by its own brand that distinguishes it from the rest of the brands.
But when the company changes its brand, what does that mean?
This means moving from a certain policy to the other, whether in order to restore prosperity to this company, which may have reached a stage close to bankruptcy, or to develop the business for further progress and success, despite the fact that re-designing the company’s logo is not intended as a design as a logo, but rather a re-design of the company’s logo. Design for corporate identity and policies.
When does a brand need a redesign?
It can be said that the logo redesign is for the following reasons:
1- Either to change the current reality of the company and its policies due to the nature of the circumstances the company is going through.
2- In order to re-market the company as if it is a new company like new companies, “a promotional role for the company”.
3- Keeping pace with fashion in the market. The slogans that were impressive yesterday are no longer so today due to the development of methods and methods of producing logos in impressive ways.
4- When the company changes its commercial activity, it was necessary to create a new logo that represents the nature of the activity of this company.
The impact of rebranding on business:
Yes, of course, the brand is one of the causes of failure, when this mark does not reflect the company’s methodology and policy for which it was developed. When the logo is just an image that is not related to the reality of the work, this will lead to the inevitability of failure.
On the other hand, we can say that when the brand is changed for one reason or another, it may lead to success, so the previous company logo may be linked to a bad reputation among customers from poor manufacturing or product defects, so the brand comes to indicate a new era of work, which prompts customers to return Working with the products of this company, explaining that changing their logo represents a change in the company’s policy or even its staff, “so that it becomes as if it is a new company in the market.”
Experiences of some companies that have redesigned their brands:
The Pepsi company disaster: PepsiCo redesigned its logo, but it did not have any purpose in this process, which raised great contradictions among the public. This company falls under it. All there was was that the company wanted to put forward a new logo for the purpose of renewal only.

We can conclude that every logo has a time and place and that changing the brand is not an easy thing, as it will have other consequences that must be studied, so the time and place to change this brand must be determined, and the brand must be appropriate to the reality of the approved work because it is the mirror in which it reflects The company’s activities are towards the general public, in addition to the fact that the logo may be one of the reasons for the collapse of the work, so it does not resort to changing it except in the most dire circumstances, as it may give results different from what it was designed for.

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