Why do companies develop their logo?

Economists say that customers build their decisions about the product and the possibility of buying it during the first seconds in which they wait for the product.

Hence the importance of the company’s logo, which represents its own sign that is linked in the minds of customers and attracts them to buy the product.
The professional logo is one of the most important reasons for the company’s success because it represents a brief and useful explanation of the company’s identity and goals in an attractive visual form that sticks in people’s minds more than long explanations and writings.
Why do companies develop their logo?
Keeping pace with the development and change in the external and internal economic environment of companies pushes to develop their own logo. In companies that seek to achieve leadership and success, they must always strive to create all their aspects, the most important of which is the logo that has a great impact on the minds of customers and their attraction to the product.
Some of the reasons why companies develop their logo:
1. Keeping up with the times:
Where companies seek to make changes, even if they are simple, to make their logo modern.
2. Simplification:
Complex logos with many colors, fonts, and appendages make the customer confused and unable to memorize the company logo.
Therefore, we find companies developing their logo to make it simpler and clearer and to make it easier for the customer to retrieve and remember the logo.
We find that many international companies have developed their logo, making them an imaginary background of appendages, simple and clear font, and a few colors.
3. Change and Development of Company Objectives:
The company may add new production lines or want to attract a new category of customers, and the company may change its priorities or products, and this is what prompts it to search for the development of its logo in line with the change and development in order to communicate it to the customers and their knowledge of the developments in the company.
4. Companies develop their logo to suit social media:
Social media is currently occupying high ranks in people’s interest and exerts a great influence on their attitudes and preferences, including the products they prefer to buy.
Therefore, companies resort to developing their logo and advertisements in proportion to social networking sites, as there are many customers who will decide and take an idea about the company and the quality of its products based on the offer and publication on social networking sites.
Therefore, companies should pay attention to e-marketing and design a logo that fits the websites and makes the company look professional, pioneering and attractive.
5. The massive and rapid development of the business world:
As the world of business is developing rapidly and continuously, and daily there are new competing companies that arise and develop themselves rapidly.
Therefore, companies should pay attention to modernization and development, including developing their logo to suit customers’ tastes and aspirations, and be exclusive and appropriate so that this company remains the destination of customers and does not age and move away from their interests and preferences.
6. Merger of companies or the acquisition of a company by another company:
The merger of companies together expands the scope of work and increases the products and services provided.
And there are updates that did not exist before, then the logo must be modified and developed to reflect the new things and updates to keep pace with the development taking place.
Also, companies that merge together or one of them acquires the afterlife may differ completely in their activity and each of them has its own specialty and its own logo. Here creativity and innovation are required to develop a modern logo that suits all areas of work.

7. Attracting customers and achieving visual tension for the company’s products:
In the current period, customers have become dependent on the Internet to purchase their products, and here the importance of designing an attractive professional logo and making continuous changes in the logo so that customers keep waiting for the company and pursuing its products.
And developing a professional logo has a great impact on customers, as it may be the opening of a new and distinctive company for them.
8. Combating counterfeiting and preserving the company’s image:
The successful company seeks by various means to strengthen its position and increase its profits, so it seeks to constantly develop its logo to maintain a sophisticated and contemporary image of its company.
It also fights other companies that use a false logo as an imitation of the company’s logo in order to benefit from its fame.
Through the method of continuous and regular development of the company’s logo, the fake companies will not be able to follow and imitate the logo
At the conclusion of our article, I can only say that developing the logo is not an easy thing, but it is necessary when the logo stops achieving the desired goals and attraction, and to ensure the success of this step, experts and creators must be used to develop the design in a unique, attractive and creative way.

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